email and voice for the modern world

Communicate like a pro

your web site makes you look pro · your email and phone should do the same

Directra Email

In the modern world, we prefer web-mail from Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo:

  • One inbox to read
  • Runs on all our devices
  • It's free!

But you want to email like a pro:

  • Send email using your domain name instead of
  • Route your "contact us" page to
  • Reach your entire team using

Directra lets you add new email addresses on-the-fly and route them to everyone's existing email accounts.

Directra Voice

In the modern world, we prefer cell phones over land-lines:

  • One device to carry
  • One address book to manage
  • One voice mail to check

But you want to take calls like a pro:

  • Handle business calls differently than personal calls
  • Give your callers the right voicemail response
  • Use your address book to determine the context of each call

Directra lets you add new phone numbers on-the-fly and route calls to everyone's existing mobile devices.

Route by Identity

In the modern world, we use multiple identities throughout the day:

  • Business professional
  • Community volunteer
  • Soccer coach

But you want to look pro:

  • Always send email with the correct "from" address
  • Always greet incoming callers with the appropriate response
  • All while using your existing email and cellular service

Directra helps you use the correct email and voice identities for each role you play throughout the day.

directra is in closed beta · contact us for an invitation